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Unlike Baldur's Gate 2, Arcanum does not come with built in PC cheat codes for altering the game to your liking. This means that the most aggravating flaws in Arcanum--the tedious movement and combat sequences--cannot be readily avoided. The ridiculously uncustomizable action sprites also cannot be altered by any means.

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However, by using a hex editor, it is possible to alter your party's possessions and standard attributes. I used a UGE module myself (Universal Game Editor, a wonderful little hex-edit-facilitation program with shareware modules available for dozens of games); however, the author has stopped supporting this program, and I can't find the Arcanum module available online anywhere anymore. There are character and savegame editors available at Gamexperts and RPGPlanet, or you can edit the variables yourself with the hex editor of your choice (here's a helpful tutorial about editing Arcanum save games). On general principle, I advise against going overboard with editing your Arcanum characters and savegames--turning your characters into supermen robs you of the fun of character advancement, which is one of the best parts of Arcanum. There's also no shortage of gold in this game, so there's no need to cheat a bank into your character's back pocket. In keeping with the rest of my guide, though, here is a short list of the Arcanum Steamworks cheats that eliminate annoyances and make your game more fun to play:

1) Give yourself and all your NPC's five ranks in repair immediately. It's enough of an irritation having to fix your armor repeatedly; having to constantly unequip everyone's items, pass them to the one character with repair skill, then back, and equip them again, can make you want to claw your own eyes out.

2) Give yourself the fifth-level Conveyance spell "Teleportation" from the get-go. It's no help getting around town or through dungeons, but you can use it to automatically beam your party from any location to a town center... this can cut down on some of the tedious trekking back from outskirts of town and depths of mazes, as well as making a few multi-stop quests more palatable.

3) You may want to consider fudging your main character's intelligence, charisma, beauty, and persuasion scores, especially if this is your second time through the game. You will only get the maximum number of game possibilities if all of these scores are high. (On the other hand, the conversational options if these scores are low are sometimes much more amusing. :-D )

You may also be interested in my spoiler list of Arcanum schematics not found in the manual.

Good luck, and enjoy the game!

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