Fixing The Charisma Grade Curve

Okay, here's my magic charisma-nator. Unfortunately, due to the way my free webpage is set up, the results will be sent to me, not immediately shown to you. That's okay, though, because I will compile the results into an email and send it out to everyone. If you are someone who is not part of my gaming group, put your handle or email address in place of the character's name and I'll still get the results back to you.

Now, I know some of you are going to want to take this test for your real-life persona too, and that's fine, though some of the questions probably aren't going to apply (in real life, for example, very few of us tend to run fiefdoms). Two warnings, though: 1) I've tested this quiz on several RPG characters from both fantasy and modern settings and am happy with the resulting curve, but I don't know how well it does with real-life individuals. And 2) I'm not responsible for the results. If the test gives you a 14 and you're absolutely positive you deserve higher than that, don't bother me about it; congratulate yourself on your healthy self-esteem and go do something else. I'm sorry about a couple of the unfair and superficial criteria like weight and height, too. Those things really shouldn't matter, but we all know they do. Luckily, if you score well enough elsewhere, it won't affect your plans for world domination in the slightest. Look at Napoleon.

Note: Unless otherwise specified, "person" and "someone" refer to adults only, please. Convincing your six-year-old sister of something really is not a very impressive feat. "Group" is supposed to mean an adventuring party, but you can take it to mean any gathering of friends or coworkers other than your own family. "SO" means anyone you have been dating romantically in reciprocal fashion; unrequited crushes do not count.

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Yes No 1) Have you ever been chosen as the leader of any group of five or more people? (Dungeonmaster counts; being appointed to lead something by your teacher/boss does not.)

Yes No 2) Have you ever remained the leader of such a group for more than six months?

Yes No 3) Have you ever been popularly elected to any sort of public office? (School president counts, but officer of a club or frat does not; that'd be 1 and 2, above.)

Yes No 4) Have you ever commanded a military unit or ruled a fiefdom or country for at least six months (elected or otherwise)?

Yes No 5) Have you ever successfully taught an apprentice or a class of students for at least six months--and had them actually listen to you enough to improve their skill? (Children count if they are not related to you.)

Yes No 6) Have you ever held a job--working with other people in a group setting outside your home--for more than a year continuously?

Yes No 7) When a decision has to be made at work, do your coworkers actively seek your input first? (If you don't currently have a job working with other people in a group setting outside the home, think of your last job. If you've never had a job like that put no.)

Yes No 8) When any group you're part of is discussing your area of expertise, do they defer to you on it?

Yes No 9) Do you often find yourself making decisions for a group (even frivolous ones like where everyone will meet for pizza)?

Yes No 10) Are you usually the one looked to to smooth over tensions between other members of the group?

Yes No 11) Have you ever been honored with a major award such as the Nobel Prize or Academy Award, or received a major combat decoration such as the Medal of Honor, or been given a serious honorific title such as being knighted by the Queen of England?

Yes No 12) Are you considered a national or folk hero of any region?

Sex Appeal

Yes No 1) Have you ever turned someone down for a date?

Yes No 2) Have you ever had two or more potential SOs competing for your affections?

Yes No 3) Have you ever competed for an SO with one or more rivals and won?

Yes No 4) Have you ever had a romantic relationship last more than 7 years?

Yes No 5) Has an SO ever cheated on you or left you for someone else?

Yes No 6) Have you ever been humiliatingly rejected for a date? (Laughed at, slapped, nasty turn-down line, etc.)

Yes No 7) Have you frequently been rejected for dates?

Yes No 8) Have you ever used a personals ad or computer dating service?

Yes No 9) Do people you don't know check you out much when you're dressed up for going out?

Yes No 10) Do they check you out much when you're just wearing jeans or sweats?

Yes No 11) When you attend your favorite sort of social gathering without an SO, do you get a lot of attention from members of the opposite sex you've never met before? (Even if you're gay; remember these are people who don't know you.)

Yes No 12) Do you consider yourself a basically attractive and desirable person?


Yes No 1) Do you have more than three people you consider friends? (Family members and people you don't actually know in person do not count.)

Yes No 2) Do any of them live in the same city you do?

Yes No 3) Do you get along relatively well with all your family members? (It's OK if they annoy you, but do you still have functioning relationships? You don't have to count ex-spouses or distant cousins, but must count current inlaws, current stepparents, and all immediate blood relatives. If you have no living family members or adoptive family at all, put 'no'.)

Yes No 4) Do you like most of your coworkers? (If you don't currently have a job working with other people in a group setting outside the home, think of your last job. If you've never had a job like that put 'no'.)

Yes No 5) Do you have friends of both genders?

Yes No 6) Do you enjoy caring for small children (babysitting for a few hours counts)?

Yes No 7) Do you enjoy having a pet or playing with animals?

Yes No 8) Do you know your neighbors?

Yes No 9) Do you get easily annoyed with people who strike you as arrogant, whiny, or foolish?

Yes No 10) Have you ever set up a couple who dated for at least a year?

Yes No 11) Have you ever been a bridesmaid or groomsman in the wedding of someone who was not related to you?

Yes No 12) Do you still have a good friendship with at least one ex-SO?


Yes No 1) When you make suggestions, do other people usually pay attention?

Yes No 2) Have you ever successfully mediated a dispute between two friends?

Yes No 3) Have you ever successfully negotiated a business or political deal?

Yes No 4) Have you ever talked your way out of a ticket or other minor trouble? (Bribery does not count; talking only.)
Yes No 5) Have you ever talked your way out of a fight or other equally serious trouble?

Yes No 6) Have you ever talked somebody into giving you a perk or waiving a rule?

Yes No 7) Can you hold your own in almost any discussion or debate?

Yes No 8) Even when you don't know much about the topic?

Yes No 9) Have you ever converted someone to your religion or otherwise dramatically changed their worldview?

Yes No 10) Have you ever changed someone's mind about a major personal decision (talked them out of committing suicide, into going to drug rehab, etc.)?

Yes No 11) Have you ever successfully apologized for a serious breach of a friend's trust (sleeping with their SO, revealing their secrets, killing their familiar, etc.) to remain friends?

Yes No 12) Have you ever damaged a friendship so badly that it was never the same again?


Yes No 1) Can you dance?

Yes No 2) Are you overweight?

Yes No 3) Do you have a diagnosable mental illness?

Yes No 4) Is your alignment Good? (Just skip this one if you're taking it for your own real-life persona, please; there's no reasonable way to translate it.)

Yes No 5) Are you a man who is tall (5'10" or taller)?

Yes No 6) Are you a woman who is young (under 25 or appears to be)?

Yes No 7) Have you ever successfully auditioned for an acting role? (Rocky Horror does NOT count.)

Yes No 8) Do you have another performing-arts talent (music, stand-up comedy, etc.) which can keep a large audience engrossed for at least an hour?

Yes No 9) Are you significantly above-average at poker or another game involving bluffing and reading tells?

Yes No 10) Do you often organize social get-togethers?

Yes No 11) Have you ever been in the pages of a society magazine?

Yes No 12) Do you fairly often think of the witty comeback line before it's too late to use it?


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