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Mystery of the Mummy Ending Problems

Help! The sound on the final movie cutscene isn't working! Now I'll never find out whodunnit!

Don't panic, this is easily fixed. You did save your game before building the silly contraption to defuse that bomb with, right?

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Just turn the game off, go to your Windows Control Panel (in XP, it's off the Start menu in the lower left-hand corner), and turn your audio acceleration off. (If you need more specific instructions, open the Control Panel, choose "Sounds and Audio Devices," hit the "Audio" tab and then the "Advanced" button under "Sound Playback." Hit the "Performance" tab. Now move the "hardware acceleration" setting all the way to the left, and hit OK.)

Once you've done that, start Mystery of the Mummy up again, load the savegame from before defusing the bomb, and defuse it again. You should be able to hear the end movie just fine now.

Don't forget to turn the audio acceleration back on when you're done (your computer will need it to play other games). Same as above, just move the setting all the way to the right this time.

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