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Shadows over Riva Cheats and Links

My Shadows Over Riva Pages:

Shadows Over Riva Hints and Tips, with general gameplay information and suggestions.

Shadows Over Riva Walkthrough, with details of each game location.

Shadows Over Riva Review, a spoiler-free overview of the game for those considering playing it.

There are only a few other English-language Shadows Over Riva sites out there:

Shadows over Riva FAQ has equipment and NPC information as well as a partial walkthrough.

Another partial walkthrough.

The Shadows of Riva UGE module is an easy-to-use savegame/character editor you can download for free.
(The main program is also freeware and can be used to hex edit many different games.)

The rest of these links aren't related to Arkania, but you may enjoy them anyway...
most of them were created by me or by friends of mine. (-:

Learn about Amerind languages at a site maintained by Orrin Lewis and myself.
(There are also pages about tracing your Native American ancestry and American Indian information for kids.)

Visit the World of Ataniel, an AD&D gameworld created by Doug Barre and brought to the Internet by Kristin L'Kar Andersen.

Read my Personal Pages.

Check out Kristin L'Kar Andersen's Harry Potter Fanfiction homepage.

Check out Sylvia Rudy's homepage, especially her cool Myths in Fiction pages.

Check out Orrin Lewis' homepage with his essays about modern American Indian life.

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