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My Wizardry 8 website is very specialized. It is dedicated to providing a compendium of all possible quests, plots, twists, and neat little quirks in Wizardry. It will not give you step-by-step instructions for the dungeons, tactical suggestions for combat, trainer programs, a forum, or any of the myriad of other things that plenty of already-existing sites do very well already.

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So here's the list of everything I do have, plus links to my favorite online resources for the things I don't:

My Wizardry pages:

Wizardry 8 Hints, with general gameplay information and suggestions.

Wizardry 8 Walkthrough, with low-spoiler details of each game location (complete through Caladon).

Wizardry 8 Characters, with overviews of all possible party NPCs.

Wizardry 8 Cheat Codes, with instructions and codes for how to cheat in this game.

Wizardry 8 Gadget Spoilers, with a complete list of objects you can combine to make gadgets in the game (the gadget results are not spoiled, just the ingredients)..

Wizardry 8 Game Quotes, with spoilers and funny comments made by possible PC and NPC companions.

Other useful Wizardry sites:

The official Wizardry 8 website has technical support information, FAQs, and a demo.

Universal Hints System is a great place to get a spoiler for one specific puzzle you're stuck on without accidentally ruining any of the rest of the game--they have their walkthrough uniquely structured to reveal only one hint at a time.

Ultimate Wizardry 8 has Wizardry maps, item information, walkthrough and facts (mouse over the top bar for a menu).

Here's the official Wizardry 8 forum, and two other active Wizardry forums at RPGDot and IronWorks

Here's the most recent Wizardry 8 patch available for download.

Complete collection of Wizardry 8 maps (including a world map)

If you're looking for a Wizardry 8 editor/trainer, CyberMan has an excellent one for free download

Avenstar has Wizardry downloads, FAQ pages, and articles.

Volberding has a detailed walkthrough with puzzle solutions and maps.

The Ironworks has a bunch of Wizardry 8 downloads, including a character editor.

List of Wizardry 8 Gadgets and what ingredients it takes to make each.

The Open Directory Project has a well-maintained list of other Wizardry 8 links, if some of the ones here should get out of date.

The rest of these links aren't related to Wizardry, but you may enjoy them anyway...
most of them were created by me or by friends of mine. (-:

Learn Native American facts at a site maintained by Orrin Lewis and myself.
(There are also pages about Native American genealogy and books about Native Americans.)

Visit the World of Ataniel, an AD&D gameworld created by Doug Barre and brought to the Internet by Kristin L'Kar Andersen.

For that matter, check out the Storyboard of Ataniel, an interactive-fiction play-by-post game set in said gameworld.

Read my Personal Pages.

Check out fanfic guru Kristin Andersen's Harry Potter Books site.

Check out Sylvia Rudy's homepage, especially her cool Myths in Fiction pages.

Check out Orrin Lewis' homepage with his essays about modern American Indian life.

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