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Wizardry Cheats and Cheat Codes

Unlike Baldur's Gate 2, Wizardry 8 does not come with built in PC cheat codes for altering the game to your liking. There also aren't a lot of exploitable bugs. You'll need to do some hex editing if you want Wizardy 8 cheats. Personally, I really didn't bother with it myself--this isn't one of those games that becomes less tedious or more enjoyable if you engage in inconvenience-eliminating cheating. You can't use a cheat code to teleport wherever you want to in the game, for example. And there's really no point to giving yourself heaps of money or items; like most CRPG's, you're going to be swimming in cash and loot the entire game.

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However, if you do want to cheat Wizardry 8 and hex editing gives you a headache, you can use a game editor to alter your Wizardry 8 codes, inventory, and stats. This is especially useful if you lost an important item somehow, and need to give it back to yourself. There is a good Wizardry editor available for free download here. This program also lets you set all monsters in the game to 'passive' state, if you're really sick of combat. (Of course, you won't improve your skills or levels without combats anyway, and the character advancement is one of the best parts of Wizardry 8, so I wouldn't recommend that route myself--in moderation, though, it has its uses.)

You may also be interested in my spoiler list of Gadgeteer recipes, which I finally put up online. Good luck, and enjoy the game!

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