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Worlds of Xeen Walkthrough: 50th-250th Level Areas

Theoretically you can actually get all the way up to level *255* in this game, but it would take an incredible amount of dedication and patience to do this, partially due to the fact that there are only so many experience points available in the game, and mostly due to the fact that each level you raise a character costs successively more money, and racking up enough cash to pay for it all usually involved long, boring hours spent enchanting crap for sale.

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Not that it matters exactly, because there really are not any areas in the game that can't be conquered by level 75 or so. Here are the areas still remaining:

Castle Blackfang

You need to solve a quest for an NPC on the "dirt" area of quadrant B1 before you can get into this castle. Once you do, the castle can be solved at level 60 or possibly even before. It's completely straightforward--just clear the monsters, gather the treasure, talk to Kalindra and perform her quest to advance the plot.

The Great Pyramid

This dungeon can be solved at level 75 if you've mastered dragon-fighting techniques and know some basic math. Things of note include:

1) On level 1, you have to both solve the math puzzle and pull the wall levers for the treasure room to become accessible. There are two squares on the map which are never accessible as far as I can tell (these are the two empty squares in the center of the pillars with the math-quizzing skulls.) I suspect those are dummy squares, only there so that the pillars resemble the number sign, #, on your automap. :-)

2) On the Dragon Pharaoh's level, there is a cauldron of Ultimate Power which the Pharaoh warns you not to drink from. As far as I know there is no way to become powerful enough in this game to survive drinking from it.

3) There is also a wall safe that requires a 250 (!) thievery skill to open. You can always return here to open it later, since the top level of the Pyramid is easily accessible from Olympus.

Darkside Lava Zone: Quadrants B1 and B2

These areas are easily clearable at level 75 if you have good fire protection, but there's actually no point lawnmowing them. The only things of note in the lava zone (besides strong monsters to fight) are two crashed shuttlecrafts. Sheltem's shuttlecraft, in quadrant B1, can be entered at any time, and contains nothing but a computer log with some plot backstory. Corak's shuttlescraft, in quadrant B2, can only be entered after meeting with the Dragon Pharaoh, and contains a similar computer log and an NPC who will advance the main plot.


This is a small and quite easy city. Do remember to keep Levitation on at all times. There's not much of interest in the city besides the soul box you came looking for, a trainer who'll go all the way up to level 200, and the answers to all the riddles and quest events you've surely already solved. It isn't necessary to buy a tribble from the tribble-seller in the sewer. They're never useful for anything and the password is easily deduced from the notes in the sewer drains, so you might as well save yourself the cash (which you're seriously hurting for in this game.)

Dungeon of Death

The first level of this dungeon has no monsters and could be solved as soon as you finish Necropolis, but the other levels are tough even at level 75, and all your characters receive a 5-level bonus for finishing the crossword puzzle on level 1, so it's better to wait until you're as high-level as possible before descending.

Primarily this is just a fun dungeon romp with really tough monsters, but there are some strange features in it that left me scratching my head. I get the definite impression this dungeon was a bit of a rush job. Things of note include:

1) There are non-functional levers all over the place in this dungeon. Decoration? Red herrings? Puzzles that never got implemented? You make the call.

2) On level 2, there are dials at the end of several very long passageways. There are no clues or instructions regarding these dials. Two of them open new passageways when you turn them (those two dials then become 'stuck' and can't be turned back to '1' again.) The rest of the dials seem to have no effect at all. I didn't try out all possible combinations (the long hallways and lack of teleportation ability makes that excruciating,) so it's possible there's some secret setting that will earn you a prize of some sort, but given that no one else in the Might and Magic communities has reported on such a thing, I'm guessing it was another red herring/unimplemented puzzle.

3) There's a fountain down here that has no effect, and a throne called the "master's throne" that does nothing when you sit on it.

4) On the bottom level of the dungeon, the one with all the Lord Xeen clones, there are four buildings surrounded by elemental moats that injure you if you step on them. But the only feature of any of these buildings is a vidscreen that informs you "earth core active" or something equally useless. There's actually nothing useful or interesting on the level at all, except for boatloads of experience to be gained by slaying Xeen clones and destroying Xeen machines.

5) There's also the final computer console, which tells you you're a Super Goober if you input the word "computer" into it (as instructed by the final "interleaf" puzzle of Darkstone Tower.)

The Skyroad

The Darkside skyroad can be accessed from the top of any tower or castle, from Olympus (once you've spoken to the Dragon Pharaoh), or by climbing up the hanging rope in Quadrant A3. For the most part it is easily traverseable at level 60, but there is one monster atop Castle Alamar who is tough to kill even at level 200. Points of interest include:

1) The four corners of the earth contain portals to the elemental planes. It's possible to enter them now, but the quest hasn't been assigned yet, so you might as well wait.

2) Midway between each pair of elemental planes, you can find four caravans which will give you huge XP bonuses for guessing the answers to their fairly easy element riddles.

3) Near the southeast corner (by the Earth portal), there is an island with a boat launch to Sky Lake, where you can find some clues and a few merchants selling elemental protection cameos, if you're in need of any.

4) Scattered all across the map are tiny sky islands, most of which are 8 or 9 squares away from each other so that you need to teleport to them blindly. Some are empty (and serve as stepping stones to other islands.) One particularly distant island contains the trademark Might and Magic "Super Goober" sign. Some contain genie lamps. Save before rubbing a lamp--some of the genies are evil, and will kill you rather than granting you a wish, but their dialogue is so funny you should probably try each one out even though the "clairvoyance" heads are shaking at you.

5) And there's the well-signposted Mega Dragon on top of Castle Alamar, of course, but save before teleporting over--his breath weapon causes Eradication, and it takes an extremely powerful party to stand toe-to-toe with him.

Castle Alamar

This castle could be solved at level 75--all you really need to do here is find the solution to the element maze on the top level, navigate it correctly, and then watch the nifty cutscene movie. Things of note enroute:

1) There are statues throughout the castle praising Alamar. Some are humorous and one offers an important hint, so check them all out. :-)

2) The jars of "Xeen Juice" raise your characters' levels.

3) Don't worry about the skull in the basement that asks for ID; that will become important in the endgame.

4) I spent a long time trying fruitlessly to get to the alcoves at the far end of the element pools (the ones with the current that always deposits you back at the beginning again.) In fact, there is nothing in any of those alcoves--that's just where you get dumped if you take a wrong move in the maze upstairs. The element pools can be completely ignored, as there's nothing in any of them or their vicinities.


After completing everything listed thus far in the walkthrough, your characters should theoretically have enough experience points to reach 150th-175th level (depending on whether you were a miser about the level bonuses or not.) Good luck ever achieving this. My gold intake had dried up completely by the time I reached 100th level, at which point it takes about 7 million gold pieces PER PERSON to level up to 150. That comes out to buying, enchanting, and reselling pieces of armor, oh, about 4000 times. I distinctly remember doing exactly that ten years ago. It just about ruined my gaming experience back then, and I don't recommend doing it yourself. There's nothing to be gained by it anyway--even at 100th level, the rest of this game is quite easy (maybe even a little on the anticlimactic side.)

Dragon Tower

This monsters in this tower are easy to beat at level 100, and each character is awarded *20 million* experience points at the top level. There are exactly three things of note in this tower:

1) The druid on the first level of the dungeon has a quest for you: fetch him a dragon's egg.

2) There are three chests on the top level of the tower which have insanely strong traps on them (dealing thousands of points of damage to all party members,) yet contain nothing of any particular interest (a few ordinary items, nothing more.)

3) On the Clouds above Dragon Tower, there are lots of tough dragons to fight--caution and resting may be necessary. The crystals bestow between 3 and 5 levels, randomly--reloading may give you a better result. The statues give clues to the password, and so do the Dragon Orbs, but only a character with a very high INT can survive using a Dragon Orb, so save before looking into one. (It's rather interesting to see what happens to a less-intelligent party member who tries using each Orb, so you may want to try it anyway and then reload.) Once you have the ID you need, you can carry on with the plot.

Darkstone Tower

This tower is quite easy--a 75th-level party could clear it. The gongs cause strong damage though, so save before ringing them and heal up if need be.

Besides the math puzzle you must complete to continue on in the plot, there are statues on each floor with the traditional interleaved code messages common to early Might and Magic games. The first three are just congratulatory messages, the fourth reveals a simple Easter Egg.

Southern Sphinx

This dungeon is small and can be solved easily at level 100. All you need to do in this dungeon is discern the (kitschy) name of the head mummy from the clues etched into the walls. You cannot use the staircase to the Aged One if any member of your party is cursed, and there are squares in the room leading to the staircase that curse your lead character without letting you know about it, so it's not hard to become confused. Just cast a Lloyd's Beacon in front of the stairs, Town Portal back to a temple, and return to the stairwell curse-free.

Other features of this dungeon include:

1) There are thrones for each race in the game, and also one for thieves (robbers only, not ninjas.) Sitting on the correct throne will net a character a major XP award and the title of "Legendary Dwarf" (or Human, or Thief, or so on.) There is also one more throne called the "Throne of Legends," which appears to have no effect for anyone.

2) On level 3 of the Sphinx, there seem to be several small areas visible by Wizard Eye that cannot be reached in any way (teleportation does not work, and there are no levers or buttons to manipulate in order to get them to open.) If anyone has any information on these areas, or about the "Throne of Legends," I'd love to hear about it.

Elemental Planes

The monsters on these planes aren't too strong, but some of them are incredibly difficult to hit. Even above level 200, I still could not physically hit Water or Air elementals, and had to use spells to slay them every time. Earth and Fire elementals, on the other hand, are easy to hit. Go figure.

On each plane there is one "sleeper" to awaken, one shrine, and one chest. In order to open the chest, you must first pray at the shrine, which also deals a heavy amount of damage.

Grand Finale

You also have to turn on the machines at the corners of the Lightside, if you haven't yet, and then exit through the top of Darkstone Tower. There's a long, boring circular path to navigate (the islands in the corners are easter eggs advertising other games by the company,) and then you get to see the final cutscene. Congratulations, you're done!

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