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Worlds of Xeen Cheats

The only immediately available Worlds of Xeen cheat codes are extra commands you can enter into the magic mirror portals for special cheat-like effects.

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SHANGRI-LA -- Takes you to Shangri-la, which isn't exactly a cheat, except that you're supposed to discover this hidden city on your own later on.
COUNT DU MONEY -- Teleports you to the Dragon Lair.
I LOST IT -- Gives you the Xeen Slayer Sword.
LORD XEEN or BOGUS -- Teleports you to the final fight with Lord Xeen.
FORBIDDEN ZONE -- Teleports you into a secret Darkside of Xeen area.
SHOWTIME -- Lets you watch the Clouds of Xeen endgame movie.
SHOWDOWN -- Lets you watch the Darkside of Xeen endgame movie.
GENESIS -- Lets you watch the combined Worlds of Xeen endgame movie.

Those are the only cheat codes available for this game, so if you want to edit your characters or savegames, you'll need to do some hex editing. The easiest way to do this is with the Universal Game Editor and OverKill's Darkside of Xeen UGE Module. Both are shareware.

The other question I get a lot is how to circumvent the 80's-style password protection that pops up when you try to leave Vertigo. The game asks you to locate a certain word on a certain page of the manual, but typing in the word in the correct location doesn't work. That's because the flippin' manuals have been repaginated. If you look in the Manuals subdirectory of the Might and Magic Classics folder, there's a file called "keywords.pdf" that contains a chart of all the keywords in all the early Might and Magic games.

Of course, it hardly matters, because you can just use the magic mirror to teleport out of Vertigo anyway. And anyone who's downloaded the game for free will also have downloaded the PDF file, so it isn't exactly copy-protecting anything. But if you need the passwords, drop me an email and I could maybe send you a screenshot of my game.

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