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Abenaki Conversation [archive]

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Abenaki Conversation

English Abanaki
Hello Kwaï
How are you? T8ni kd’al8wizi?
I am very well Kwina n’wal8wzi
I am well N’wal8wzi
I am tired N’sawto
I am not very well Nda kwina n’wal8wziw
I am sick Nd’akwamalsi
What is your name? T8ni kd’aliwizi?
My name is Philippe Nd’aliwizi Pilip
How old are you? T8ni k’kassigadma?
I am 24 years old Nisinska taba iaw n’kassigadma
Where do you live? T8ni k’wigi?
I live in Sainte-Julie N’wigi S8njolik
Yes 8h8
No Nda
Thank you Wliwni

--written by Philippe Charland

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