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Baldur's Gate: Throne of Bhaal Trainers, Patches, and Portraits

My page here is very specialized. It is dedicated to providing a compendium of all possible quests, plots, twists, and neat little quirks in the game. Even when my page is completely finished from header to footer it will not give you a patch, a character portrait, step-by-step instructions for the dungeons, explanations of AD&D rules, tactical suggestions for how to kill Kangaxx, trainer programs, a forum, or any of the myriad of other things that plenty of already-existing sites do very well already.

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So here are links, not only to all the resources I have on my own page, but also to some other great Throne of Bhaal sites that offer material I don't:

My Throne of Bhaal pages:

Throne of Bhaal Hints, with general gameplay information and suggestions.

ToB Walkthrough, with low-spoiler details of each game location.

ToB Quests, with a low-spoiler checklist of all quests and subplots in the game.

ToB Characters, with overviews of all possible party NPCs.

ToB Spoilers, with solutions and alternate endings for confusing and poorly resolved quests.

ToB Cheat Codes, with instructions and codes for how using the built-in cheat console.

ToB Game Critique, with detailed spoilers and discussion of plot holes.

Other useful Throne of Bhaal sites:

There's not much useful info on the official Interplay site, but their Baldur's Gate II forums are excellent--informative, timely, and less immature than other fora out there. They're great at helping you work around bugs.

The Bioware site has the latest official Throne of Bhaal patch, if you're playing with an older copy.

Universal Hints System is a great place to get a spoiler for one specific puzzle you're stuck on without accidentally ruining any of the rest of the game--they have their walkthrough uniquely structured to reveal only one hint at a time.

Sorcerer's Place has tons of ToB information, including a detailed walkthrough, a Throne of Bhaal forum, and an eclectic collection of interesting downloads and patches.

Baldurdash is the place to get Throne of Bhaal patches, bugfixes, and tweaks. Also with a forum.

Where to download Shadow Keeper, a popular Throne of Bhaal character editor.

Game FAQs has Throne of Bhaal FAQ's covering most of the game rules.

The Book of Knowledge has lots of Baldur's Gate 2 portraits, screenshots, wallpaper, and fan-fiction.

Planet Baldur's Gate has Throne of Bhaal portraits, art, help files, and cheat information..

GameBanshee has a Throne of Bhaal strategy guide, walkthrough, and maps.

Mike's RPG Center has a complete collection of Throne of Bhaal maps, item information, and another walkthrough.

The Open Directory Project has a well-maintained list of BG2/ToB links.

The rest of these links aren't related to Baldur's Gate, but you may enjoy them anyway...
most of them were created by me or by friends of mine. (-:

Learn about Amerind languages at a site maintained by Orrin Lewis and myself.
(There's a special FAQ of Native American information for kids and a page about how to trace your Native American heritage as well.)

Visit the World of Ataniel, an AD&D gameworld created by Doug Barre and brought to the Internet by Kristin L'Kar Andersen.

Read my Personal Pages.

Check out fanfic guru Kristin L'Kar Andersen's Harry Potter Information site.

Check out Sylvia Rudy's homepage, especially her cool Myths in Fiction pages.

Check out Orrin Lewis' homepage with his essays about modern American Indian life.

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