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Baldur's Gate: Throne of Bhaal Cheats and Cheat Codes

Baldurs Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal comes with a built-in debug mode (CluaConsole) that can easily be used to tweak the game in dozens of interesting ways. Though I strongly recommend playing your first game all the way through without cheating or twiddling with the game system at all, for subsequent playthroughs the Throne of Bhaal cheat console is extraordinarily convenient, particularly since it allows you to teleport your party to a map location of your choosing (thus eliminating boring and repetitive travel time).

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So here's the deal: to enable the cheat console you have to modify your baldur.ini file by adding the line "Debug Mode=1" under the heading [Program Options]. Then save it. Next time you start your game, you can activate the console any time you want to by pressing control-space. You'll see a little window pop up with the prompt "CLUAConsole:"

From this position you can alter most of the Throne of Bhaal game variables, but in most cases you don't want to, because you'll almost certainly screw your game up beyond repair unless you're already quite familiar with these variables. A few of the available Throne of Bhaal cheats are basic, quite safe, and can be convenient, however. Here's a list of the ones I consider most useful (mind the punctuation and spaces--don't begin your command with a space, for instance).

1) Ctrl-J This is the main reason to turn the Throne of Bhaal cheat console on, in my opinion. Once you have the debug mode on, you don't even need to open the console to use this--just press control-J and you can jump (teleport) your party to any spot on the map you click your mouse on. Great for eliminating the endless trudging back and forth across those inexplicable wilderness areas.

2) MoveToArea("[AR#]") This isn't as important a convenience in Throne of Bhaal as it was in Shadows of Amn, because the linear plot means you have to change maps less frequently. MoveToArea basically allows you to instantly switch maps by replacing [AR#] with the area number of the map you want to teleport to. This can sometimes do strange things to your game if you teleport yourself to locations you haven't visited manually yet or shouldn't have access to, and any cutscenes or other events that were supposed to occur en route or upon arrival may get skipped or occur at strange times, so use this feature with caution. If it's your first playthrough you probably will not want to use MoveToArea at all. You can learn the AR# of any location by hitting the X key, but here are the key ones: AR4500 pocket plane, AR4000 grove, AR5000 Saradush, AR5500 Amkethran, AR6000 Abazigal, AR6100 Sendai, AR6300 oasis, AR6200 mana forge.

3) CreateItem("[item#]") You can go overboard on this one--Throne of Bhaal leans a little towards overpowering your characters anyway, and loading them up with four Celestial Furies or something like that would make the game quite dull. However, it is massively convenient to give each member of your party Boots of Speed (boot01), something I've indulged in since my second playthrough. This cheat is also good if you've lost an item due to stupidity or a bug. There's a complete list of items here.

4) Ctrl-Y Once you've turned on cheat mode, you can kill anything in the game just by pointing to it with the mouse and hitting ctrl-y. This cheat will completely ruin your game if you use it on the first playthrough, of course, but after playing the game several times, certain combats can become more tedious than fun. Note that you get no experience points for doing this.

5) Ctrl-I Once you've turned on cheat mode, you can prompt any randomly occurring within-party interaction to occur by pressing Ctrl-I. In other words, if you have Sarevok and Imoen in your party, and you use this cheat code, Sarevok will talk to Imoen. Then he will talk to Anomen. Then he will talk to Imoen again. By pressing ctrl-I enough times, you can scroll through all the possible conversations that could occur between the members of your party, except for romances and long-running character plots that use timers or in-game events to space conversations.

6) SetGlobal("JaheiraRomance","GLOBAL",1) This works for any of the Throne of Bhaal romances--just replace "JaheiraRomance" with "AerieRomance," "ViconiaRomance," or "AnomenRomance"--but it's usually Jaheira's, the longest romance plot, that needs it. Entering this command (EXACTLY as it appears on this page) causes the romance timer to expire. This means that a few seconds later, your love interest should start having the next conversation in her/his plotline with you. (If it doesn't work, try going to a safe location and sleeping, since just as in real life, some of the romance plot points require you to go to bed for them to occur.)

There are many more cheat codes in Baldurs Gate 2 Throne of Bhaal, but those are the six I find most useful (no offense, but it's sort of redundant to cheat yourself a million gold pieces in this Monty Haul of a game). If you need more Throne of Bhaal cheat information, there's a nice page here with some more commands and a list of monster codes (in case you want to try fighting two dragons at once or something). An additional cheat resource is Shadow Keeper, a popular Baldur's Gate 2 character editor. In addition to making it possible to edit your party's stats (something it's hard to do via the console), this program is by far the easiest way to change your party's character portraits, in case you, like me, miss Jaheira and Imoen's old faces from BGI. (-:

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