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Wizardry Gadgeteer Gadgets

This is a partial spoiler, but I'm getting tired of people asking me about it. (-: Here is a list of all the components that can be combined into gadgets in Wizardry 8. Note that I have NOT spoiled what these components turn into, nor what each gadget does. What the heck fun would that be? But this is a complete list of all the possible combinations, so if you've missed any, you can go back and see what they turn into.

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(There are also three ready-made gadgets usable only by gadgeteers, the Lightning Rod, Duct Tape, and Vaporizer. These items can't be combined with anything else, just equip them and use them as weapons. There are also three gadget components that didn't make it into the game, the demon doll, loudspeaker and electic eye. If you're playing around with a cheat program, you can merge the demon doll with the jack-in-the-box and the loudspeaker with the electric eye for two bonus gadgets.)

How To Build Wizardry 8 Gadgets:

1) merge Doll with Hinged Box
2) merge X-Ray Chip with Scanner
3) merge Glowing Goo with Orange Goo
4) merge Gunpowder with Empty Bottle
5) merge P-Torch with Magnifying Glass
6) merge Pot With Hinge with Porthole
7) merge Oscillator with Electric Lamp
8) merge Voltage Amplifier with Giant Magnet
9) merge Large Prism with Laser Pointer
10) merge Magic Polish with Shiny Chrome Plate
11) merge Broken Blaster with Microwave Chip
12) merge Bellows with Hose
13) merge Chisel with Pendulum
14) merge High Voltage Transformer with Electrodes
15) merge Metal Belt with Electrodes
16) merge Lazurite Stone with Electrodes
17) merge Long Metal Tube with Vacuum Pump

Note that it is possible to build all 17 of these gadgets; you'll just need to buy three sets of electrodes. Anna restocks them frequently, if I remember correctly. Gadgeteers can also combine two light crossbows into a double-shot crossbow or three into a triple-shot crossbow.

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