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Hurons-Wendat [archive]

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The Huron-Wendat language is part of the Iroquoian linguistic group. This language, which played an historic role in the development of relations between Aboriginal peoples and the first Europeans to arrive in North America, is no longer spoken. Learned by the explorers, the missionaries, and the administrative representatives of the European governments, Huron-Wendat was considered the "lingua franca" of negotiations with the First Peoples, and the source documents that remain from this period have permitted researchers from the Nation to begin working on a project to revive the language.

Total Population

The population of the Huron-Wendat Nation in Quebec is estimated at 2,790 people, with almost 1,100 residents on their territory.


Originally occupying a vast territory south of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron, in what is now Ontario, the Hurons-Wendat had developed a trading empire that covered most of Ontario, more than half of Quebec, and a good portion of the United States. For the first Europeans, they were known as "Hurons" and lived in "Huronie". They called themselves "Wendat" (or "Ouendat") and their territory "Wendake". Today they form one of the most urbanized Nations in Quebec, and their community is located on lands just outside of Quebec City.


Wendake (also known as Village-des-Hurons) is the only community in the Huron-Wendat Nation in Quebec or Canada. The Wyandotte communities in the United States are related to this nation.


The Conseil de la Nation Huronne-Wendat is the band council which manages the affairs of the Nation.

Celebrated Personalities

Kondiaronk - Diplomat
Prosper Vincent - Priest
Ludger Bastien - Businessman and the first Native person elected to the Quebec National Assembly
Léon Gros-Louis - Doctor
Georges Sioui - Historian
Max Gros-Louis - Ex-Chief

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