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This is simply an archive of old news stories and other articles of interest to our readers which are no longer available on the Internet, so we've reproduced them here. Unlike other materials on our site, we are not the authors of any of these articles. If you are the author and you would prefer that the article not be preserved here, just let us know and we'll remove it. We only archive articles when we are unable to find another copy of the text online to link to. News sites, in particular, seem not to keep old articles around very long. Online information about Native American languages and language revival is often scanty and we don't want valuable information to be lost simply because the article gets to be a year old or somebody's website domain expires.

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce soundfiles unless the original owner gives us permission. If you are a webmaster who had Native American soundfiles or any other native language materials online that you can't maintain any longer but would like to preserve for posterity, please contact us and we will archive it for you. It is all free of charge. Native Languages of the Americas is an educational non-profit organization working to preserve and promote indigenous American languages and to and present information about native people in a positive and contemporary way. We welcome feedback and suggestions for collaborative projects.

Abenaki: Gluskabe
Abenaki: Legacy of a saved language
Abenaki: Prononciation en Abénakis (French)
Abenaki: Abenaki Pronunciation (English)
Abenaki: Rues d'Odanak (French)
Abenaki: Odanak Streets (English)
Abenaki: Lexique (French)
Abenaki: Lexicon (English)
Abenaki: Eugenics victims are heard at last
Abenaki: Father Rasles War
Abenaki: Conversation (French)
Abenaki: Conversation (English)
Abenaki: Remembering Chief Homer St. Francis
Abenaki: The Invisible People
Abenaki: Identity of the Saint Francis Indians
Abipon: Abipon profile
Algonquin: profile (English)
Algonquin: profile (French)
Amahuaca: Amahuaca profile
Anishinabe: Anishinabe profile
Apache: Mojave-Apache Flood
Apache: Apache profile
Arapaho: Arapaho profile
Arikara: The Arikara Creation
Arikara: Arikara profile
Assiniboine: Assiniboine profile
Attikamekw: profile (English)
Attikamekw: profile (French)
Attikamekw: Future of Atikamekw (English)
Attikamekw: Communities (English)
Aztec: The Five Suns
Aztec: The Flood
Aztec: Aztec profile
Bella Coola: Nuxalk profile
Blackfeet: Nawakosis
Blackfeet: Blackfoot profile
Bribri: Bribri profile
Calima: Calima profile
Callinago: Callinago profile
Carib: Carib profile
Cayua: Cayua profile
Cayuse: Cayuse profile
Chehalis: The Flood
Chehalis: How The Sun Was Stolen
Cherokee: Giant Earthworm
Cherokee: Cherokee Death Customs
Cherokee: Stomp Grounds
Cherokee: John Ross
Cherokee: Sequoyah
Cherokee: Cherokee profile
Cheyenne: Cheyenne profile
Chibcha: Muisca profile
Chickasaw: Chickasaw profile
Chinook: Chinook legend
Chinook: Chinook profile
Chipewyan: Chipewyan profile
Chiricahua: Chiricahua profile
Chitimacha: Tribal Voices
Choctaw: Choctaw profile
Chumash: Chumash profile
Comanche: Comanche profile
Coos: Coos profile
Cree: Place Names
Cree: profile (English)
Cree: profile (French)
Cree: Waskaganish
Cree: Cree profile
Crow: Crow profile
Cuna: Cuna profile
Dakota Sioux: Dakota profile
Eyak: Eyak profile
Garifuna: Garifuna profile
Guajiro: Goajiro profile
Guaymi: Guaymi profile
Haida: Haida profile
Han: The Goose-Wife
Havasupai: Havasupai profile
Hidatsa: Hidatsa profile
Hopi: Hopi Creation
Hopi: Hopi profile
Huichol: Huichol profile
Huron: Huron profile
Illinois: Illinois profile
Inca: Inca Flood Myth
Inca: Inca creation
Ingalik: Ingalik profile
Innu: Tshakapesh and the Elephant Monster
Innu: Pishu
Innu: Maminteu
Innu: Mashkussuts
Innu: Uentshukumishiteu
Innu: Innu profile
Inuit: Copper Eskimo profile
Inupiat: Inupiat profile
Iroquois: Iroquois profile
Iroquois: Iroquois creation
Iroquois: Iroquois legend
Iroquois: Hiawatha Tarenyawagon
Iroquois: Skywoman and Creation
Jivaro: Jivero profile
Kainai: Blood Tribe History
Kansa: Kansa profile
Kaska: Kaska profile
Kiowa: Kiowa profile
Kitsai: Coyote and the Buffalo
Klamath: Klamath profile
Ktunaxa: Ktunaxa profile
Kutenai: Kutenai profile
Kwakiutl: Kwakiutl profile
Lacandon: Lacandon profile
Lakota: Lakota profile
Lenape: Lenape profile
Lumbee: Lumbee Seek Recognition
Lumbee: The River Spirit
Machiguenga: Machiguenga profile
Maliseet: profile (English)
Maliseet: profile (French)
Maliseet: Sandra Lovelace
Mandan: Mandan Flood Myth
Mandan: Mandan Emergence
Mandan: Mandan profile
Mapuche: Mapuche profile
Maya: Maya Creation
Maya: Maya profile
Menominee: Language
Menominee: Language in Comparison to English
Menominee: Menominee profile
Metis: profile (English)
Metis: profile (French)
Miami: Miami profile
Micmac: Lexique
Micmac: Amazing Grace
Micmac: Conversation
Micmac: Coup d'oeil
Micmac: profile (English)
Micmac: profile (French)
Micmac: Fishing Rights Battle
Micmac: Fort Folly Youth Learn About Mi'kmaq Culture
Micmac: Mi'kmaq Recipes
Micmac: Mi'kmaq Religious Traditions
Micmac: Mawiomi
Micmac: Míkmawey Mawiómi
Micmac: Micmac Calendar
Micmac: Micmac profile
Miskito: Miskito profile
Moche: Moche profile
Modoc: Modoc profile
Mohawk: profile (English)
Mohawk: profile (French)
Montagnais: Lexique
Montagnais: profile (English)
Montagnais: profile (French)
Montagnais: Montagnais Religion
Montagnais: Montagnais profile
Munduruku: Munduruku profile
Munsee: Phrases
Munsee: When My Uncle Was Bewitched
Muskogee: Muskogee profile
Nakota: Nakota profile
Nanticoke: Nanticoke Language
Nanticoke/Lenape: Goldeneagle's Vocabulary
Narragansett: Narragansett profile
Naskapi: profile (English)
Naskapi: profile (French)
Natchez: Natchez profile
Navajo: The five worlds
Navajo: Navajo profile
Nez Perce: Vanishing Tongues
Nez Perce: Nez Perce profile
Nootka: Nuxalk profile
Numu: Numu profile
Nuwuvi: Nuwuvi profile
Ojibwe: Noozwinkeng (Naming)
Ojibwe: Ojibwe Reference Sheet
Omagua: Omagua profile
Omaha: Omaha profile
Oneida: Oneida profile
Oneota: Oneota profile
Osage: Osage profile
Papago: Papago profile
Paracas: Paracas profile
Passamaquoddy: Preserving the Passamaquoddy language and culture
Passamaquoddy: Squaw names soon to be history
Passamaquoddy: A 300-Year-Old Tradition
Passamaquoddy: Teachers learn tribal culture
Passamaquoddy: Tribe celebrates return of island
Passamaquoddy: Chief aims to bridge tribal generation gap
Passamaquoddy: Human Remains
Passamaquoddy: Memory Interview
Passamaquoddy: Contemporary Life and Change
Passamaquoddy: Grandmother Moon
Passamaquoddy: Rejuvenating Pride
Passamaquoddy: Tribe As Community
Pawnee: Pawnee creation
Pawnee: Pawnee creation
Osage: Pawnee profile
Penobscot: Arrowhead Finger
Penobscot: Molly Spotted Elk
Penobscot: Tribe's roots in water
Penobscot: Ready To Tell Overdue Story
Penobscot: The Ktci-awa's and the Witch
Pequot: Pequot profile
Pomo: Pomo profile
Popoluca: Popoluca profile
Potawatomi: Indiana Dunes
Potawatomi: Potawatomi profile
Powhatan: Pamunkey
Pueblo: Pueblo profile
Quechan: Yuma creation
Quiche: Quiche profile
Quimbaya: Quimbaya profile
Sac and Fox: Sac and Fox profile
San Agustin: San Agustin profile
Saraguro: Saraguro profile
Saulteaux: Saulteaux profile
Secwepemc: Secwepemc profile
Seminole: Seminole profile
Seri: Seri profile
Sharanahua: Sharanahua profile
Shawnee Shawnee Mythology
Shawnee White Hawk
Shawnee Brother Crow
Shawnee Thunder Son
Shoshoni: Shoshoni profile
Sioux: Sioux creation
Skidi: Skidi profile
Slave: Slavey profile
Squamish: The Copper Man
Squamish: Raven Proposes
Squamish: Kalkalilh and T'it'ki7tsten
Taino: Dominican Taino Words
Tarahumara: Tarahumara profile
Tehuelche: Tehuelche profile
Tlingit: The Porpoise Crest
Tupi: Tupi profile
Tupinamba: Tupinamba profile
Twana: Twana profile
Unangan: Unangan profile
Ute: Ute profile
Wabanaki: Tarrateen War
Wampanoag: Massachuset profile
Wampanoag: Wampanoag profile
Wari: Wari profile
Wichita: Wichita profile
Wiyot/Yurok: Linguistic Bibliography
Wyandot: profile (English)
Wyandot: profile (French)
Xavante: Shavante profile
Yahgan: Yahgan profile
Yanomamo: Yanomamo profile
Yaqui: Yaqui profile
Yokuts: Yokuts profile
Yuma: Yuma profile
Yurok: Yurok profile
Zenu: Zenu profile
Zuni: Creation Myth
Zuni: Zuni profile
Native American religion: Differences between Indian beliefs and New Age
Spanish: Los Haida
Spanish: Los Innu
Spanish: Los Montagnais
Spanish: Los Kaska
Spanish: Los Kutenai
Spanish: Los Ktunaxa
Spanish: Los Kwakiutl
Spanish: Los Micmac
Spanish: Los Massachuset
Spanish: Los Mandan
Spanish: Los Miami

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