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Naskapis [archive]

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The Naskapi language is part of the Algonquian linguistic group. The roots of this language can be found in the Cree, Attikamek and Montagnais languages. All members of the Naskapi Nation speak their language.

Total Population

The population of the Naskapi Nation is estimated at 570 people, with approximately 510 residents on the actual territory of their community.


Throughout most of their history, the Naskapis, a nomadic people, lived in small family units, following the caribou herds, which they hunted, in the region south of Ungava Bay. The 1978 signing of the Northeastern Quebec Agreement allowed the Naskapis to acquire a permanent territory and marked a turning point in their history.


Kawawachikamach is the only community in the Naskapi Nation in Quebec or Canada.


Local administration is assured by the Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach band council. The council created the Naskapi Development Corporation to manage their economic and social affairs.

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