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Choctaw [archive]

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The Choctaw (chaulk-ta) Nation is located in the southeastern part of Oklahoma.

Daily Life:

Culturally, the Choctaws have always honored their women as the head of every family household. They were, and still are today, considered the care-takers of the home. Today the Choctaw Nation provides many services for the Indian people, including housing programs, medical services, job training, and educational programs. The Choctaw Nation has become deeply involved in economic development enterprises such as bingo palaces, smoke shops and shopping centers which have provided many jobs for Choctaws.

Best Known Feature:

The Annual Choctaw Labor Day Celebration has become one of the largest and most well known events in Oklahoma today. Tourists and Choctaw alike can enjoy traditional cultural activities, annual Choctaw Princess Pageant, traditional foods, arts and crafts, sporting games, camping, fishing and musical entertainment.


The Choctaw were the first to be moved to Oklahoma in 1830 on the Trail of Tears.

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