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Huichol [archive]

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: The Huichols live in Jalisco and Nayarit, in north central Mexico.


: The Huichols are descendents of the Aztecs and are related to the Hopi of Arizona. After withstanding the Spanish Invasion, they fought to keep their culture alive, despite the presence of their Mexican neighbors. When game was plentiful and they were free to roam the vast mountain ranges and deserts of their homeland, they were not farmers, but hunters.


: Uto-Aztecan, Spanish

Daily Life

: Today the Huichols are representatives of a pre-Columbian shamanic tradition which is still functioning according to the ceremonies of their remote past. Of utmost importance to the Huichol is the sacred Peyote. Peyote looks like a cactus and grows wild in the desert. It has been used for medicinal purposes as well as for spiritual visions and experiences for thousands of years. They practice agriculture and daily attempt to salvage every aspect of their unique culture as they can. However, urban Mexico grows closer every day.


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