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Worlds of Xeen Magic Item Spoilers

This is a chart I originally made when Clouds of Xeen first came out a decade ago, but as far as I know nothing has changed. (-: Basically, a magic item in Xeen can have only one magic trait, identified in the form of an adjective. The same adjective will always denote the same bonus. There are four basic classes of magic traits Xeen items can have: combat bonuses, stat bonuses, elemental bonuses, and spell charges.

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Items With Combat Bonuses

These adjectives all have to do with the material the object is made out of. For armor, the material affects a character's armor class (defense), and for weapons, the material affects his or her to-hit and damage scores (how likely the character is to hit an opponent and how much damage he will inflict, respectively). You can also find accessories made of these materials, but they are all useless, conferring no benefit--just sell them for money.

AdjectiveEffect for ArmorEffect for Weapons
Wooden-3 AC-3 to hit, -3 damage
Brass-2 AC+3 to hit, -4 damage
Bronze-1 AC
+2 to hit, -2 damage
-4 to hit, -6 damage
Coral or Crystal+1 AC+1 to hit, +1 damage
Iron+1 AC+1 to hit, +2 damage
Pearl or Lapis+2 AC+2 to hit, +2 damage
Silver+2 AC+2 to hit, +4 damage
Amber+3 AC+3 to hit, +3 damage
Ebony+4 AC+4 to hit, +4 damage
Steel+4 AC+3 to hit, +6 damage
Quartz+5 AC+5 to hit, +5 damage
Gold+6 AC+4 to hit, +8 damage
Platinum+8 AC+6 to hit, +10 damage
Ruby+10 AC+6 to hit, +12 damage
Emerald+12 AC+7 to hit, +15 damage
Sapphire+14 AC+8 to hit, +20 damage
Diamond+16 AC+9 to hit, +30 damage
Obsidian+20 AC+10 to hit, +50 damage

Items With Stat Bonuses

These just increase the character's statistic by the given amount; armor, weapons and accessories all work the same.

Might+2 Might
Strength+3 Might
Warrior+5 Might
Ogre+8 Might
Giant+12 Might
Thunder+17 Might
Force+23 Might
Power+30 Might
Dragon+38 Might
Photon+47 Might
Clever+2 Intellect
Mind+3 Intellect
Sage+5 Intellect
Thought+8 Intellect
Knowledge+12 Intellect
Intellect+17 Intellect
Wisdom+23 Intellect
Genius+30 Intellect
Buddy+2 Personality
Friendship+3 Personality
Charm+5 Personality
Personality+8 Personality
Charisma+12 Personality
Leadership+17 Personality
Ego+23 Personality
Holy+30 Personality
Sharp+3 Accuracy
Accurate+5 Accuracy
Marksman+10 Accuracy
Precision+15 Accuracy
True+20 Accuracy
Exacto+30 Accuracy
Quick+2 Speed
Swift+3 Speed
Fast+5 Speed
Rapid+8 Speed
Speed+12 Speed
Wind+17 Speed
Accelerator+23 Speed
Velocity+30 Speed
Clover+5 Luck
Chance+10 Luck
Winners+15 Luck
Lucky+20 Luck
Gambler+25 Luck
Leprechaun's+30 Luck
Vigor+4 Hit Points
Health+6 Hit Points
Life+10 Hit Points
Troll+20 Hit Points
Vampiric+50 Hit Points
Spell+4 Spell Points
Caster's+8 Spell Points
Witch+12 Spell Points
Mage+16 Spell Points
Archmage+20 Spell Points
Arcane+25 Spell Points
Mugger+4 Thievery
Burglar+6 Thievery
Looter+8 Thievery
Brigand+10 Thievery
Filch+12 Thievery
Thief+14 Thievery
Rogue+16 Thievery
Plunder+18 Thievery
Criminal+20 Thievery
Pirate+25 Thievery

Items With Elemental Bonuses

Elemental objects have different effects depending on the type of item. Armor and accessories confer an elemental resistance, whereas weapons get a damage bonus of the same elemental type.

AdjectiveEffect for Armor/AccessoriesEffect for Weapons
Icy+5 Cold resistance+2 damage
Frost+10 Cold resistance+4 damage
Freezing+15 Cold resistance+5 damage
Cold+20 Cold resistance+10 damage
Cryo+25 Cold resistance+20 damage
Flickering+5 Electricity resistance+2 damage
Sparking+7 Electricity resistance+3 damage
Static+9 Electricity resistance+4 damage
Flashing+12 Electricity resistance+5 damage
Shocking+15 Electricity resistance+10 damage
Electric+20 Electricity resistance+15 damage
Dyna+25 Electricity resistance+20 damage
Glowing+5 Energy resistance+2 damage
Incandescent+7 Energy resistance+3 damage
Dense+9 Energy resistance+4 damage
Sonic+11 Energy resistance+5 damage
Power+13 Energy resistance+10 damage
Thermal+15 Energy resistance+15 damage
Radiating+20 Energy resistance+20 damage
Kinetic+25 Energy resistance+30 damage
Burning+5 Fire resistance+2 damage
Fiery+7 Fire resistance+3 damage
Pyric+9 Fire resistance+4 damage
Fuming+12 Fire resistance+5 damage
Flaming+15 Fire resistance+10 damage
Seething+20 Fire resistance+15 damage
Blazing+25 Fire resistance+20 damage
Scorching+30 Fire resistance+30 damage
Mystic+5 Magic resistance+5 damage
Magical+10 Magic resistance+10 damage
Acidic+10 Poison resistance+2 damage
Venemous+15 Poison resistance+4 damage
Poisonous+20 Poison resistance+8 damage
Toxic+25 Poison resistance+16 damage
Noxious+40 Poison resistance+32 damage

Items With Spell Charges

These all just say "of [spellname]," totally straightforward; use the miscellaneous item to cast that spell.

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